Declined debit card leads police to robbery suspect

July 17, 2008 5:09:35 PM PDT
22-year-old Corrie Killough is not considered the smartest suspect Richland Township police have ever come across. On July 7th, police say, Killough showed up at the Game stop on Route 309 just before closing.

Police say he went into the store and asked to buy an X-box 360. They say when the clerk brought the gaming console to the counter, Killough tried to pay for it using his debit card, but the debit card was declined.

"At that instance, he lifts his shirt, displays a black semiautomatic handgun and says to the clerk as long as you let me walk out of here we won't have a problem," Richland police investigator Raymond Alemand told us. Alemand said Killough took the X-box and left the store, at which time the clerks called police.

For police to determine Killough was their armed robbery suspect, of course, all they had to do was call the bank that issued his debit card. The Tinicum man, who has no prior police record, surrendered the next day.

Police say, on their end, the case was quite easy to solve. Killough remained behind bars Thursday. It seems once again he couldn't come up with the cash. In this case, 75-hundred dollars would get him out on bail. He's back in court at the end of the month.