Vehicle vandalism distraughts residents

July 21, 2008 4:15:27 PM PDT
New Castle County police suspect the vehicle vandalism was done as a teenage prank, but of course, no one at headquarters is laughing and neither are the victims. "Unfortunately it costs us out of pocket and that's the bad part about it; it's senseless crimes like this that don't benefit anybody. I don't understand it," Walker said.

3 other people in Lori's neighborhood are among the 20 victims of the bat wielding, rock throwing spree that police say occurred overnight in suburban developments near Kirkwood Highway. Spencer Malcolm lost the use of his work van today.

"I could tell they were trying to hit the side mirror, completely missed, and hit the windshield. $235, kind of lose a day of work, but you pick it up and go from there," Spencer Malcom, another victim, said.

The vandalism spree made for a busy Monday at the Safelite Auto Glass Shop on Kirkwood Highway. Vehicles with broken windows were parked in the lot first thing Monday morning.

"Nobody's happy about this whole situation whatsoever," Jim Peel of Safelite Auto Glass said.

Police hope the teens responsible start talking about what they've done among their peers because usually that's how investigators eventually find the culprits