Local teen gets role in HSM3

July 22, 2008 4:27:54 AM PDT
They say kids are resilient. Well, they can also be mighty resourceful. A local young man wanted more than to just see a third "High School Musical" movie, he was determined to be in it.

The phenomenon is all the rage with teenagers. Zack Efron, Corbin Bleu and Ashley Tisdale are household names. Of course, they are the stars of "High School Musical" movies.

"Ever since I've seen the first one I've just been crazy about it," says Patrick McGovern of South Philadelphia.

Fourteen-year-old McGovern is such a fan, he set out to make one of his dreams come true. Patrick found a website looking for extras for the latest installment - "High School Musical 3." To his surprise, he got the call!

Flossie McGovern, Patrick's mother, tells us, "He flew up the steps. He was laughing and crying at the same time."

For 5 days this past May, Patrick left his South Philadelphia neighborhood, bound for Utah and showbiz.

"My first scene I was at the gym for the championship game," said Patrick.

His role included cheering at the "game", slapping the mascot on the shoulder and attending the school's victory party.

But of course, Patrick says the best part was meeting the stars. "I met Zack. I shook his hand. I said 'Hi' to Vanessa. I talked to Corbin and I met Lucas."

Since he's returned Patrick says he's become somewhat of a mini-celebrity. "Ever since I came home it's hard to go out now without people chasing me down the street."

His mother says even their corner store asked for Patrick's picture. "They asked for his autograph, he autographed it and it's hanging in their store right now," said Flossie.

Aside from a few pictures of him in his "High School Musical game gear" Patrick's only other memento is the giant "number one" foam finger he wore during the basketball scene. "It was just a great experience I went out there for."

But don't count that as the end of Patrick's film career. His mom says he's considering three other upcoming projects.