Consumers pumped over lower gas prices - Philadelphia News

July 28, 2008 4:40:53 PM PDT
There was glee instead of gloom at the pump today. After months of steadily rising gas prices, consumers are delighted to find they're getting more miles for the buck.

The national average for regular is now $3.95.

It's $3.94 in Pennsylvania, $3.90 in Delaware, and $3.89 in New Jersey.

The prices may be lower, but many consumers remain cautious, sticking to their fuel saving strategies.

Donna Lipp of West Chester, Pennsylvania, drives a gas guzzling 1971 Oldsmobile.

"The maintenance is very cheap, so this car is very inexpensive car to drive and it looks good," Lipp said.

Anita Kapner of East Northpoint, New York is used to pulling out a hundred dollar bill to fill up her SUV.

"If you want to go away, you have to spend it; there's nothing you can do," Kapner said.

Others have curtailed their travelling.

But, with prices below four dollars, for some, it's back to the open road.

But, before you get too excited, oil prices for September delivery are back on the rise. So, enjoy it while you can.

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