Couple all wet exchanging vows

July 30, 2008 6:06:58 AM PDT
The bride wore a white veil, a red garter and black diving gear.

The groom also wore a wet suit, accessorized with a red bow tie.

Brian Wilson and Christina Gunn got married in a ceremony held 20 feet under the surface of the Illinois River in Southern Oregon.

The vows were written in pencil on a white slate.

The bride says the pastor asked them if they took each other to be man and wife, they held up their cards that said "I do," and then they took off their regulators and kissed.

She says she cried.

The groom says he "darn near cried, too."

Wilson is a former captain of the Josephine County swiftwater dive team.

Gunn picked up the sport after meeting him.

They chose their wedding spot, under a bridge, because that was the first place they ever dived together.