Jewel :"Nashville Star" has a fantastic voice

August 6, 2008 11:46:39 AM PDT
Jewel says she's excited to see what the future holds for "Nashville Star" winner Melissa Lawson.

Jewel says Lawson is "a really lovely and extraordinary singer."

Lawson, a Texas mother of five, won last night's competition, earning herself a record deal. She'll also perform from the Olympics in Beijing next week. Her new single "What If It All Goes Right" hit country radio today.

Jewel says she can't imagine the work it's going to take for Lawson to balance family life and her new music career. She says "It's going to be a tremendous undertaking but her family is great and her husband is very supportive."

Jewel predicts some of the other contestants will also stick around. She says "I think that there's a record deal for quite a few of the runner-ups," predicting that Shawn Mayer, Gabe Garcia and Ashlee Hewitt will "all will do quite well."