Deal near for Lindley Court tenants - Philadelphia News

August 7, 2008 8:45:07 PM PDT
It was six weeks ago that we first brought you the story of more than fifty families, forced out of their homes at the Lindley Court apartments in the Logan section of Philadelphia. Tonight, a resolution to the situation appears at hand. Since their eviction, displaced tenants have been living in motels.

It appears lawyers for the apartment owners and residents have reached an agreement. But like this whole process, it's been far from smooth.

Under a tentative agreement between Lindley Estates LLC and residents, displaced tenants are supposed to receive roughly $2,000 for relocation and moving costs.

Most tenants got checks today.

Others like Darnell Meyers did not.

"Now he's trying to find every angle, every persuaded way he can do it now to give us our checks."

Nicki Maley claims she has a lease with her name on it. But when she went to get her money she says she was denied.

Why? The company handing out money has another tenant of record for her apartment.

"The last person that was in there before me, they never took her off. She moved in February, I moved in there in April," she said.

Sherman Toppin runs the private company hired by the city to handle payments. He says there are only about a half dozen problems, and they deal with two issues: proof of identification and or proof or residency.

"Some individuals are not on the lease and that's the problem. Some are friends of the people on the lease or were never on the lease. There's no proof that has been furnished to me that they paid rent," Toppin said.

Toppin says all discrepancies will handed over to the lawyers.

Nicki Maley says she either gets her money, or continues with her fight.

"I'm about to get my own lawyer and sue. I want my money."

The real estate company hired by the city says the apartment complex will be cleaned, boarded up, and sold.

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