Politician seals deal with horse kiss

FARMINGTON, Utah (AP) - August 21, 2008

That's how Davis County Commissioner Alan Hansen found himself kissing a 3-year-old sand-colored horse named Reno.

The smooch stemmed from a contest between employees at Davis County and the Davis Hospital and Medical Center. The rules: Members of the team that lost the most weight got to watch their boss kiss a farm animal. This year, the county employees won - county staffers lost 397.6 pounds, just slightly trimmer than the hospital workers.

Hansen missed out when his fellow commissioners locked lips with a cow over the weekend.

So on Tuesday, Hansen met Reno on the front steps of the county courthouse and puckered up for what became a quick peck.

But not before he slathered on some lip balm and popped a breath mint.

He told the mare: "This is more for you than me."

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