Checking the damage from Gustav

Houma, La. - September 2, 2008 - Many are itching to get back, but overall, there is enormous relief and even pride that the massive evacuation of two million people and the city's improved levee system avoided a catastrophe this time around.

Utility companies are now working to restore power to well over a million customers.

Oil companies, whose rigs in the gulf were battered by the storm, are assessing damage.

But a drop of 8 dollars in the price of oil today suggests that traders don't think there was serious destruction.

On the Main Street of Houma, Louisiana, you can see buildings that are still abandoned, and many are still boarded up.

But, the destruction there pales in comparison to locations elsewhere.

Action News talked found a home that was destroyed by a tornado spawned by Gustav. It is almost too much for family friend Lelia Levy to bear.

"It's hard. We just went through this and people come back and they have to face all this," Levy said. "I'm okay, but I feel for them."

Morgan City officials believe a tornado blew the fans and some roofing off their wastewater treatment plant. Now, the city has no power, no water, and no sewage service.

"We expect possibly to have those systems back up within the next five to six days," said city official Robbie Landry.

City officials are telling people to not rush home right away.

About 80% of the people in Morgan City did evacuate.

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