Del. primaries set the stage

WILMINGTON - September 10, 2008 Today, Jack Markell's headquarters was being cleaned up after last night's celebration.

Much to the delight of his Democratic supporters, Jack Markell squeaked out a big win in Delaware's gubernatorial primary last night; the reigning state treasurer will now be at the top of the ticket for governor.

It was an upset win over John Carney, Delaware's current Lieutenant Governor, who had the support of the state party,

"This is the way Delaware races are supposed to be for the most part, it really was about the issues," Markell (D) said.

At John Carney's headquarters last night, supporters read the writing on the wall that the Lieutenant Governor would not be moving into the Governor's office; the election results made it clear the presumptive rite of passage was not to be this election year.

"I'd pull out my speech right now, but I didn't have a speech prepared to loose," Carny said last night at his headquarters.

Political pundits, like Chip Flowers, say last night's shake up should also be considered a wake up call.

"Yesterday really showed that there is something going on in Delaware that is reflecting the national movement that there is an anti-incumbent type of movement going on that usually Delaware's immune to but something's a little different," Flowers said.

Markell will now face the winner in last night's GOP primary, retired superior court judge Bill Lee.

"Now we have to turn our attention on Jack Markell and the real race; we only have 8 weeks to get our message out," Lee (R) said.

Chip Flowers now calls John Carney, Delaware's best placed loser. If Joe Biden becomes the country's next vice president, Governor Ruth Ann Minner will pick his replacement and that could very well be the Lieutenant Governor.

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