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September 16, 2008

Whole Foods Market started these tours just this summer.

"We want to show our customers that they can get high quality products at a great price," said Amy Chidichimo of Whole Foods.

The class shows shoppers how to identify sales and value deals.

"How we show value is with our orange sign stock," Amy said.

The tips include buying locally grown produce, choosing frozen versus fresh fish and picking the 365 private labels over more expensive brand-names and if you need a smaller portion ASK! Employees will cut a loaf of bread or a block of cheese down to the size and price you need.

Prepared foods are an inexpensive choice over dining out. The store even offers "Meals for 4" priced under $20.

Denise Keel says a class like this is very important right now.

"With the high price of everything it will help a lot."

The Whole Foods value tour is free and so is the goodie bag you get with it, among other things you'll get pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, a big bottle of olive oil, peanuts, tuna, shampoo, and coupons all in a re-useable environmentally friendly shopping bag.

Two local Pathmark stores have a new look and the change is part of a trend of traditional grocery stores offering some warehouse-style, bulk products and bargain-basement prices.

The Action Cam went inside the Upper Darby Save-A-Center.

"It's a whole new concept," said store manager Bill Gorman.

There are a number of ways to save. The "Power Price" promotion offers 5 items for deep, deep discounts. When we were in the store, one of those specials was a 24 pack of water for just $2.98!

And check out the "Yellow Tag" items they take an EXTRA dollar off the regular cost of the product.

"The price hold is an item we're going to have for a long period of time to tell you you can come buy it here at a cheaper price than they have down the street," Bill said.

And finally try the "Store Brands".

"We now have America's Choice and Pathmark brands which is a value to the customer," said Bill.

So far, shoppers have noticed a significant savings.

"I was actually impressed because I normally spend a $100 and I did spend $100 today but I got more stuff," said Marlo Wilson.

The other Pathmark Sav-A-Center location is on City Ave in Philadelphia's Wynnefield Heights.

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