Fall Fashion 2008

September 25, 2008 While men's clothing hasn't changed much, women will definitely want to shop.

Ladies, dust off those credit cards!

Fall fashions are here and you'll probably want to buy more than in recent years.

"People are definitely excited. Fall is where fashion's fun," Andrea Chila of Pileggi Boutique's said.

Clothes are showing many of the trends - prints and plaids and gray everywhere.

"Every shade of gray, every tone of gray, light gray, dark gray, lots of textures in the grays, gray is in shoes, in accessories, in handbags, from silver to deep charcoal to heather, all tonalities of gray we will see throughout the season," fashion consultant Nicole Cashman said.

For evening, black's still big.

There's a high-glamour look that has a little goth in it. If you're comfortable in them, there are four-inch heels. And jewelry is bigger than in recent memory.

For the most part, pants are wide-leg with a high waist; it's a big change from recent seasons.

However, not changing are the bags; they are still large.

Textures and other accents are important, even mixing leathers.

For casual occasions, denim's in, whether wide leg or skinny, but it should be blue.

As always, make sure your choices work for you.

"It's definitely a year to pick up a couple statement pieces, whether it's a big piece of jewelry, a great bag, some colorful shoes, a great print, a really wonderful, all charcoal pant; whatever you feel is your personal style," Cashman said.

Good luck shopping this season!

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