Obama to campaigns in Abington

ABINGTON, Pa. - October 3, 2008 Local police say Obama drew 6,000 to the Abington Senior High stadium the day after the vice-presidential debate. He praised the performance of running mate Joe Biden.

"America, I think, saw clearly why I felt he'd be such a great vice president, especially, during these difficult challenging times," Senator Obama said.

Obama slammed the Bush White House over the country's economic crisis and claimed a McCain White House would yield more of the same policies.

Despite those strong poll numbers, there are many ardent Obama supporters who remain leery, not certain yet that those poll numbers will translate into actual votes on Election Day.

This is Obama's 16th wedding anniversary; he stopped in a local landmark flower shop before jetting home to Chicago, one dozen white roses purchased with a credit card, then questions about the economic bailout plan passed moments earlier.

"If we can stop the bleeding with this package, implement it effectively, and then move forward to deal with the broader problems on Main Street, then hopefully we can start getting our economy back on track," Obama said.

Word that Obama would stop in Tony Keswick Village brought a crowd out. On his way out he worked the rope line to the joy of local folks. Pennsylvania is key to Obama's victory formula.

He's set to return to Pennsylvania for more campaigning late next week.

6abc.com is planning to bring you LIVE coverage of Obama's visit later this morning.

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