Bailout plan working?

October 13, 2008

"What can I do about it? I can't put it under my mattress," said Lola Smith of Southwest Philadelphia.

"It's all FDIC insured," said Jonathan Verlin of Center City.

That attitude is exactly what assistant professor of finance, Dr. John Matthews, at Villanova School of Business said you should have.

"Banks merge all the time this is not unusual."

The positive numbers on Wall Street seem to echo what Matthews said and that 700-billion dollar bailout plan appears to be working to restore confidence.

"The market is sending us a signal today that it basically embraces what the Treasury has done."

The man in charge of the bailout plan, assistant Treasury secretary Neel Kashkari, is a Wharton Business School graduate. He spoke publicly for the first time Monday afternoon about the quickest way to rescue America's economy.

"Treasury is implementing new strategies with one simple goal: to restore capital flows to the consumers and businesses that form the core of our economy," Kashkari said.

Matthews said that plan will take some time and America should stay patient.

"The system is sound. It will take awhile to get back on track but basically the direction is definitely upwards for the financial system and the banks especially."

Again, if you have money in a bank, experts say it is safe and insured with higher limits than before. And as far as retirement funds, an upswing there could be 3 to 10 months down the road.

"It they just stay pat pretty much and stick with their holdings they should return to reasonable levels in some period of time."

However, Matthews does caution folks that are very close to retirement, about 5 years or less, to seek the help from a financial advisor to make sure your portofolio is protected as much as possible.

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