Battle for NJ 3rd District

OCTOBER 13, 2008 - Democrat John Adler and Republican Chris Myers are both vying for the seat being vacated by Congressman Jim Saxton.

Medford mayor and Lockheed Martin executive Chris Myers and Cherry Hill state senator and attorney John Adler are battling hard for the 3rd District seat.

National Democrats have poured money into the Adler campaign, believing the seat is winnable. If so, it would be the first time a Democrat went to Washington from the 3rd District since the 19th century.

Right now, it's a close race, and the economy is the number one issue.

"We want to focus on building up the middle class, letting that grow our economy and letting small business thrive again and not struggle as it has not only for the past few weeks, but for the past few years here," Adler said.

"200,000 people have left the state since 2002 because of our tax policy and our business climate. We can't allow that to go down to Washington, so that's why I'm so passionate about this race," said Myers.

The 3rd District is home to several large military bases and both Adler and Myers, a veteran of the first Gulf War, support better benefits for veterans.

As for ending the War in Iraq?

"The surge appears to have worked. We have to make sure we get out of there on our timeline. The Iraqi government should pay for their own reconstruction. I've advocated very strongly, and disagreed with the President on that," said Myers.

"We're going to have to send some troops to Afghanistan to capture or kill bin Laden and the al Qaida villians who attacked America seven years ago and bring the rest of those troops home to their families," Alder said.

Democrats trying to tie all things Republican to George W. Bush hope they can finally capture the 3rd District seat.

On the other hand, the GOP hopes voters see all politics is local, and no matter who wins the presidency, Republican representation in this district has been just fine.

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