Game of the Week 9: Balance the Equation

October 19, 2008 Ever since Hammonton became a member of the Cape-Atlantic American League two years ago, they have been able to handle Vineland's challenge.

In 2006, Hammonton unleashed their Group III strength as they took down Group IV's Vineland 27 to 7.

Last year, Hammonton went two for two as they placed Vineland on notice with a 21 to 14 win.

As you can see, though, while Hammonton won, Vineland was able to cut the victory to a touchdown difference, as opposed to the three touchdown disparity of 2006.

If this was an SAT problem (this is high school football remember), the question would look similar to this:

Team A defeated Team B in 2006. In 2007, Team A defeated Team B again, yet Team A garnered one less touchdown, while Team B acquired one more. At this rate, what would be the outcome of the game in 2008?

Pretty nice, eh, College Board?

If this third meeting goes the way that this equation states, Hammonton will score 14 to 15 points (one less touchdown) and Vineland will score 21 (one more). So, if the math does not lie, Vineland can see their luck turn around this Friday.

However, this is not math, this is football and Hammonton is stacked with game highlighters including quarterback Nicholas Crescenzo, running back David Crescenzo, and fullback Joshua Baez, who are eyeing the third win as many years.

Vineland, meanwhile, has Brian Winchester who had a 63-yard run last week against Egg Harbor Township and two touchdown runs in Vineland's win against Lower Cape May two weeks ago.

Winchester was a huge part in Vineland's solo victory this season and he could be the right variable to balance this equation in Vineland's favor.

So we have the two coefficients, thrown in the variables, took out the exponents and carried Pi to the umpth to degree; now, it's up to Hammonton and Vineland to solve.

The Hammonton Blue Devils are ready to threepeat.

The Vineland Fight Clan are ready to show there is a new solution to this equation.

Both teams are ready to seize the moment.

Pencils down.

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