Preparing Citizen's Bank Park

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - October 23, 2008 - From hot dogs to crab cakes and lots in between, the food vendors displayed some of the foods that will add flavor to the World Series experience in Philadelphia.

The stadium recently named most edible ball park by the Food Network and most vegetarian friendly sells everything from cheese steaks, and bar-b-que to veggie rolls and an inviting dessert called pumpkin cheese cake martini.

While there are no food price hikes, a pork and venison kielbasa is among the items added to the menu just for the World Series.

And something special will be cooking for the fans with standing room only tickets.

"For the first time we'll have a carving station behind Harry K's where standing room only fans are," said Clint Westbrook of Aramark. "Great things we want to give, experiences across the gamut for people to be able to see, taste and smell the great things chefs are doing."

On Thursday afternoon grounds crews painted World Series logos on the field. It will take about two gallons of paint to color in two 36 by 20 foot logos in the grass between the warning track and the 1st & 3rd base lines.

"It's kind of the final piece we do to spruce the place up and make it special and remind everybody what we're here for," said Mike Boekholder, Head Groundskeeper.

Beyond the logos, it's simply time to pay attention to detail.

The 23 acres of grass is manicured at a height of 1-1/16 inches. The warning track and infield dirt on the major league baseball diamond must also be up to snuff.

The 2,000 watt lights on each of six giant light stands overlooking the stadium must be working properly. For crew members, setting the stage for the national baseball showdown adds a little excitement to the job.

"It's a neat deal. We're looking forward to it. Just finishing all the prep work to get things ready to make sure when the first pitch is thrown a little after 8:00 on Saturday everything is way it needs to be," Boekholder said.

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