Presidential Candidates Race to Elections Day

New York, NY Barack Obama begins the day with another event in Florida. He shared the stage with Bill Clinton for the first time in the campaign Wednesday night.

John McCain spent morning, noon and night in Ohio in a town appropriately called "Defiance".

Obama's info-mercial aired Wednesday night. Which McCain said was paid for with broken promises. It was a carefully scripted and highly produced prime time campaign commercial. Parts of it resembled a presidential address. He focused on himself, as well as issues like healthcare, education, energy and the economy.

"I believe we need to usher in a new era of responsibility. Across the country, families are tightening their belts and so should Washington," said Obama.

And if the prime time spot wasn't enough, Wednesday night Obama received some big-league help from President Clinton, campaigning together for the first time. "This man should be our president, all of our President. And he is going to be the President unless the American people forget what the election's about," said Clinton.

Campaigning in Florida, where polls have the two neck and neck, John McCain insisted that Obama's prime time spot was paid for with a broken promise to accept public financing. He then addressed his poll numbers during an appearance on Larry King Live.

"We're now 2, or 3 or 4 points down, and we've got 6 days to go make that up. But it's not a matter of worry, it's just, you know, you and I have been together long enough, you know I love the underdog status. I just want to leave that status at the time the polls close," said McCain.

Senator Obama will continue campaigning in Florida this morning, followed by events in Virginia Beach and Missouri.

Senator McCain will make four campaign stops today in the important battleground state of Ohio.


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