Parkway token redemption begins Dec. 1

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) - November 3, 2008

Those are the choices for motorists who still have Garden State Parkway tokens stashed in cupholders, glove boxes and car seats.

Motorists can start redeeming the metal tokens on Dec. 1 at three buyback centers along the Parkway and at the Turnpike Authority headquarters in Woodbridge.

Turnpike Authority spokesman Joe Orlando estimates that there are about 5 million tokens still in use, down from 50 million in 2001. Use of the tokens began in 1981.

The tokens are worth 33.3 cents, giving motorists a discount from the 35-cent toll. The last roll was sold on New Year's Day 2002 as the Parkway urged motorists to switch to E-ZPass.

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