Movie-time atmosphere helps workouts

Charleston, S.C.; November 11, 2008

Do you want to start working out, but feel intimidated by a gym?

Or are you getting bored of the same old routine?

Gold's Gym may have a solution. It's a theater in a gym, called the 'Cardio Cinema.'

Jamie Smith, the general manager of the Gold's Gym at James Island, South Carolina, says, "It's a cool dark room, designed to be like you're at the movies."

About 50 of the company's gyms have 'Cardio Cinemas,' and more plan to add them.

Users say the low lights make them more comfortable... And the entertainment makes workout time go by faster.

Long-time gym member Bonnie Margiotta says, "20 minutes has gone by already and I didn't realize it."

Marv Whitson added, "I think this is one of the best parts of the gym in here. Takes your mind off all the work you're doing. It keeps your mind off running in place."

One drawback is that movies can run an hour-and-a-half.... to 2 hours. So it might take a couple of sessions to see a whole movie.

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