Mrs. Fixit: Silver Leaf

December 5, 2008 6:31:37 AM PST
There's a new trend featuring silver furniture, frames and mirrors. The items can be a little bit pricey. But I can show you how to get that look with some silver leaf.

You can pick up some silver leaf and spray sizing at your local craft store.

You'll also need an item to leaf! You may want to start on something smaller like a picture frame until you get the technique down.

First make sure the item is clean and free of any dust or dirt.

Cover your work area with some paper to protect it and place your item on the paper.

Some sizings have different set up times so check your packaging first.

Once it's tacky, rub a piece of wax paper lightly over the back of the piece of leaf to pick it up and transfer it to your item. Repeat this process overlapping each section of silver leaf slightly until the project is complete.

Then use a super soft cloth or paintbrush to gently polish the silver and knock off any pieces that don't adhere.

Doesn't this look amazing? Silver leaf is real silver so if you don't want it to tarnish, you'll have to use a sealer. A silver items for a fraction of the cost! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!