Wrong price

Wynnewood, Pa. - December 2, 2008

Here's a question if a retailer makes a mistake and posts the wrong price for a product should the retailer honor that incorrect price? Well, that depends on who you ask.

Sara Atkins of Wynnewood bought the Britax Marathon car seat on target.com. It normally retails for $279.99 but the posted online sale price was just $42.99!

"I can't pass up such an offer and it's Target," Sara said.

But the day after she placed her order, /*Target*/ emailed Sara and other customers saying the low posted price was a mistake, an unusual technical issue and despite its best efforts, a small number of items are occasionally mispriced.

"It's frustrating because who do I trust? What price do I trust? If Target gets away with this who else is going to try when they just decide oh we don't want to offer the price."

Action News has shown you similar mistakes made by other companies and the end results have varied.

For instance, at one gas station some drivers did get fuel for just 32-cents thanks to an incorrectly-placed decimal point.

Thanks to a computer glitch some United airlines customers were treated to $5.00 round trip tickets.

On other hand, computer maker, Dell, would not honor the $130 price it erroneously posted for a high-end PC.

And in this case Target said:
"We have canceled your order... If we discover an item's correct price is higher than our state price, we will either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel your order and notify you. This pricing policy is posted on Target.com."

Target said it is offering all affected guests a $25 e-Gift card as an apology.

Official sales figures for Cyber Monday won't be out until Tuesday but already retail experts said sales this year were lackluster. That's due to the economy and because retailers offered online discounts in advance of Cyber Monday. The good news is this could mean online promotions will be extended. And expect even more aggressive markdowns and free shipping offers as Christmas gets closer.

By the way, Cyber Monday got its name from the National Retail Federation. It refers to the unofficial kickoff of the online holiday shopping season the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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