Holiday Poem

December 21, 2008 'Tis the day to open our presents, share a merry meal with the gang.
The rushing is over, No more decorations to hang.
We're sitting back and reveling in it all -
Everything's closed now, even the mall!

Our taste buds are dancing from tempting delights -
We've been nibbling on gingerbread cookies and sipping hot cocoa for nights! The turkeys and beef roasts and holiday ham.
The eggnog, the fruitcakes, sighs of "I'm on a diet, I am!"
We'll wait till we ring in the New Year with good cheer!
Before we step on the scales and resolve to watch what we eat next year!

But for now we are full and happy to say
The food and our families make for our favorite day!
There's one more thought I'd like to share if I could
No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa...and, of course, the New Year, may it always be full of...

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