Call for Action saves the day

January 9, 2009 3:35:58 PM PST
Our Call for Action volunteers are back from their holiday vacation and once again helping you solve your tough consumer cases.The Sanellis ordered material for a new deck last May, but each delivery had problems.

"When they put the straps around the wood to hold it together, it collapsed it and cracked some of the wood," Angelo Sanelli said.

The Sanellis also say the wood came in varying colors

"The pieces they were replacing didn't even match one another," Irene Sanelli said.

After going round and round with the company, the Sanellis wanted a refund.

"I called for Action on November 3rd and I got my check on November 19th," Irene said.

After CFA called the manufacturer, the Sanellis got a check for almost $1,300.

"If you have a problem and you're not satisfied and you're not getting anywhere, you Call for Action," Irene said.

That's what Patty Hricak did, too, when she had trouble getting a refund from a pest control company.

She says within 20 minutes after talking to a CFA volunteer, she got a call.

"Saying they were going to overnight me a check and that I would either get the check that day or the next morning and they were very sorry for the inconvenience and they were running behind on their refund checks?all I had to do was Call for Action and they took care of it, no problem," Patty said.

And Call for Action took care of a lot of problems last year.

In 2008, our volunteers resolved more than a thousand cases and got back nearly $3-million in refunds, goods, and services.

If you have a consumer issue you'd like help with call 1-866-WPVI-CFA or email CFA and if you can volunteer for the hotline - call 215-581-5745.