Bear sighted in Bucks County

June 2, 2009 3:59:58 PM PDT
Latest sighting was spotted nearly 20 miles away from where a bear was captured last week.Emily Njugunq looked out a window of the group home she supervises in a rural Bucks County neighborhood thinking it was big dog. But it was a bear roaming around the building but meaning no harm.

"We waved and said 'hi bear let's take a picture of you' he just kept walking."

Born and raised in rural Kenya Emily was not afraid at all.

"And then he walked back there and then he started walking towards us again and then he changed his mind and kept walking and never looked back again," she said. "I'm from Africa we're used to big animals."

She was quickly joined by Nurse Rebecca Felton who snapped a picture with her cell phone. This was the 2nd bear sighting in the last week here. Hilltown police say a driver slightly bumped one crossing a local road last week. Police say the bears are basically harmless more afraid of humans than we should be of them.

Police say this is the first bear sighting in their area in at least 8 years but bears have been spotted in Bucks County in late spring. Just last Friday animal authorities spent about 90 minutes chasing down a bear spotted near Hatboro Road. They held it in the lockup at the Warminster Police Department for a time then it was taken to a woodland area and free to roam again. No charges were filed.

Police say if you do encounter a bear simply wave your arms and make a lot of loud noises and the bear will run away and then contact police.

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