Weight loss challenge results

Robbinsville, N.J. - July 7, 2009 "I made this committment, I'm not gonna lose." That's what Nayan Patel, 37, of Robbinsville, N.J. at the start of the bet he made with his younger brother Aalap. Both are very competitive and both love betting.

So when they wanted to lose weight, they put their money where their mouth is. They signed up on www.stickk.com to commit to losing weight. Who ever didn't meet their weekly goal to lose a pound, had to pay $20 dollars for each week of failure.

After about 18 weeks, Nayan has pretty much stuck to his plan.

"I lost about 12 to 13 pounds," he said.

How did he do it? He said keeping his money motivated him at first but then as he started seeing results, feeling better kept him going. He made small changes to his diet including controlling portions and eating fewer carbohydrates, but nothing too drastic. "I ate ice cream and chips still but I only ate a couple or a spoonful then I'd stop," he explained.

And he upped his exercise. He trained for a 30-mile bike race to support diabetes. He does the race every year, but this time was different. "It was way easier, I was in better shape, I didn't weigh as much so it was much easier," Nayan said.

But for Aalap, things weren't so easy.

"I made a huge change to the way I was eating and I basically cut out all carbs," Aalap said. But his plan was too drastic. He lost weight at first but couldn't maintain his strict diet and in the end said "I've had progress in the wrong direction I guess."

Aalap gained five pounds and he lost $360 dollars to his brother. He said the $20 a week wasn't enough to keep him motivated. Next time he says he'll put more money on the line.

And there will be a next time. The Patels are starting another challenge.

"I'm going to do another contract, raise the stakes til the end of the year just so that it continues," Nayan said.

Nayan wants to lose five more pounds. He's committing to exercising four times a week and will continue to eat healthy. Aalap has upped the stakes. He's now betting $150 a week, but this time the goal will be to lose a-half pound a week as opposed to a full pound each week.

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