Sandstorm over height of beach dunes in US

July 18, 2009 12:56:46 PM PDT
Where's the beach? That's what some oceanfront homeowners across the country are wondering now that protective sand dunes are blocking their view of the coast.

A sandstorm is brewing in Atlantic City, where businesses and the City Council support lowering the dunes, which protect billions of dollars worth of casinos and other pricey property.

But New Jersey says the dunes are needed to protect lives and property.

Some upset property owners have taken matters into their own hands. An Oregon retiree hired a bulldozer and wiped out the dune in front of his house. He had to hire another one to put it back after being fined more than $3,000.

And homeowners in Ventura, Cal. are suing the city over dunes which have grown as tall as 30 feet.