Gunman's shocking confession before death

Shooter Identified as son of Chester Officer
RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - July 21, 2009 Aaron Michael was shot to death Tuesday morning, by police in Chester, Delaware County. Officers were trying to arrest him for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Arrington. She was shot to death last night outside her home in the 1600 block of Constitution Avenue in Ridley Township.

Michael was the son of a Chester Police officer, and had tried to hold police at bay outside his father's house. But he came out pointing a gun, and police shot him to death just after midnight

Moments before he was killed, authorities say Michael confessed to a friend that he had killed two of his children, several years ago, deaths that had been ruled undetermined.

Action News talked exclusively with the mother of one of those children; as well as an interview Action News conducted with Michael 2 years ago.

"I think in my opinion he is a sick person."

Nicole Townes has always believed Aaron Michael killed their 4-month-old son, Alijah two years ago to the day. It was Michael's first time alone with his boy, several hours into the father-son day Michael was at the hospital.

"He said his tongue was protruding from the side and his color was disoriented. He called the hospital and said something is wrong with my son. They said bring him in."

Townes was immediately suspicious. 2 years earlier Michael's 4-year-old son with another woman, Lamar Patrick, also died.

The medical examiner ruled the manner of death in both cases to be undetermined. He suspected Alijah may have died from meningitis and Patrick from choking on candy. But Townes still had her doubts.

"For one my son was healthy, two he went to the doctor 3 days prior to his death."

At the doctor's Alijah received a clean bill of health.

Action News questioned Michael two years ago he denied killing his boys.

In both deaths, investigators say Michael was the focus of the investigation but the District Attorney simply didn't have enough evidence in light of the medical examiners report.

But Michael's admission to two friends shortly before his death confirms what Townes says she knew all along her little boy was murdered.

"It's a little bit of relief for me because I feel like maybe I can finally move on and that chapter of my life of Alijah can slowly begin to close and have a little bit of closure."

Michael has 5 other children. One question remains. Why would Michael want to kill his sons? Townes believes the motive for her son's death, was an upcoming child support hearing.

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