More local forces return from Iraq

FORT DIX, N.J. - September 10, 2009

The Action Cam was at /*Fort Dix*/ Thursday morning, as some of the 900 men and women of the Pennsylvania /*National Guard*/ arrived.

The first batch of about 600 arrived around 3 a.m. and another 300 will arrive later today at about 8 p.m. They served with Companies A and B of the 1st of the 111 Infantry, 56th /*Stryker Brigade*/ Combat Team (SBCT), 28th Infantry Division, Pennsylvania National Guard.

Family and friends were there to give them a proper homecoming.

The guardsmen and women are from units based in Philadelphia and West Chester and had served in Iraq for about a year in an area north of Baghdad including the areas of /*Abu Ghraib*/, Taji and Tarmiyah, where they conducted more than 800 combined operations with Iraqi Security Forces.

During the brigade's deployment in support of /*Operation Iraqi Freedom*/, they captured seven brigade-level, high-value targets, and 80 other targeted individuals, and completed more than $22 million in essential services projects that helped rebuild communities north of Baghdad.

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