Local man accused of posting hate messages

WYNDMOOR, Pa. – September 14, 2009

When police converged on this house two weeks ago, they say they found a small arsenal of assault weapons and a young man seething with hatred. He's now under arrest in what could be a precedent setting case.

In this house, 22-year-old James Gallagher was on the computer, allegedly spewing hateful threats and amassing a stockpile of weapons.

Police say he had the logo 'White Pride World Wide' on his Facebook page.

Gallagher allegedly wrote, "Me and my squad will kill u all." And, "I will destroy Springfield no1 here got guns like me."

Stunned neighbors and the police were unaware of the threats, until police were tipped off by someone who saw the Facebook rants.

When police searched Gallagher's house they found an AK-47 assault rifle, two other rifles, including one with a scope, along with knives and other weapons.

He posed with the rifles on his Facebook page, and police say it was clear he had the means to carry out his threats.

The D.A. says they had to act before someone got hurt.

"We are here because he makes specifc threats of violence with an intent to terrorize a community and he did in fact do that to the community," said Risa Vetri Ferman.

Leonard Wolf has two daughters who frequently walk past Gallagher's house. He and other neighbors are relieved that Gallagher has been disarmed, and they're grateful to the whistleblower.

Gallagher is being held on $1 million cash bail. D.A. Ferman says this could be a precedent setting case, walking a fine line between free speech and criminal activity.

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