Soccer goalposts vanishing in Philly

PHILADELPHIA - October 6, 2009 In all, coaches say eight goalposts have been stolen since the middle of August from several different fields. Players say thieves are trying to earn a few dollars at the expense of kids.

They believe whoever is stealing the aluminum goalposts is sawing them up in the woods nearby and carting them off to sell for scrap.

"There were saw horses with metal cuttings underneath," said Rob Calasanto of the Philadelphia Soccer Club.

"They're trying to make a few dollars, and it's leaving us with one less field to play on," said 13-year-old Phillip Madden.

More than 30 teams play for the the Philadelphia Soccer Club, and the goals don't come cheap. Calasanto says it will cost around $15,000 to replace them all.

"I understand the economy, but to get $100 or less for these goals... it's taking away the ability for the kids to have fun," he said.

The club says they'e painted the goal posts white because, they say, the painted goals aren't as valuable so they're less attractive to thieves.

They're calling on neighbors to call police if they see something suspicious, so they can catch whoever is behind this.

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