Red light cameras working at City Hall

CENTER CITY - October 9, 2009 This brings to 15 the number of intersections with red light cameras in Philadelphia with four more scheduled for next year.

The program is run by the Parking Authority, and officials there say it's been a runaway success since it started four years ago. That's especially true along Roosevelt Blvd. where most of the cameras are set up.

"Since we put cameras up there we've had violations at those intersections go down 80 to 90 percent," said Chris Vogler with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

The idea to put the cameras around City Hall got a lot of support from City Council, especially from Councilman Jim Kenney who says too many people treat the red lights around the City Hall circle as a suggestion.

"People just blow through them. During the test period in the week before the lights went up there were 1,200 redlight runnings in two intersections," Kenney said. "In a week."

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will issue warnings for violators over the next 60 days.

But, on December 8th, running a red light will cost drivers $100.

List of red light cameras in Philadelphia:

  • Broad Street and South Penn Square
  • Broad Street and John. F Kennedy Boulevard
  • Grant Avenue along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Red Lion Road along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Cottman Avenue along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • 34th Street and Grays Ferry Avenue
  • Broad Street and Oregon Avenue
  • Welsh street along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Southampton street along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Mascher street along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Levick street along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • Rhawn street along Roosevelt Boulevard.
  • 58th and Walnut Streets
  • Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue
  • 9th Street and Roosevelt Boulevard.

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