Crook cashes in on unlocked cars

OLD NEW CASTLE, Del. - October 20, 2009 Police say a serial burglar is behind twenty car break-ins in Old New Castle, a quaint little city filled with cobblestone streets, historic homes draped with American flags.

"The suspects are taking GPS systems, cell phones, laptops, change... anything that's not nailed down in the vehicles," said Lt. Adam Brams of the New Castle City Police.

Lt. Brams said the bandits don't have to work too hard to do their dirty work. All of the vehicles in this case were left unlocked.

One of the victims was Tom Clayton. GPS units were stolen last week from both his vehicle, and his wife's.

"In this town it's usually not a problem. We've got a friendly, very good town," Clayton said.

On Monday alone three vehicles were broken into on The Strand.

Residents say they never thought it would happen there.

"It's quaint, but we have our share of crime here, in the city. We can't be lulled into a false sense of security because it is a nice, quaint, historic town," said Bob Briggs. He's live in Old New Castle for more than 30 years, but the Philadelphia native said he knows better than to leave anything unlocked. That's why he's a volunteer cop who is helping police patrol the streets.

However, while law enforcement is searching for whoever is behind these crimes, police also say people need to wake up.

"Everybody's got to lock up," said Lt. Brams.


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