Deer escapes death twice, man arrested

ROGERS MANOR, Del. - November 16, 2009

It began around 9:00 p.m. Saturday on Route 9 near the community of Rogers Manor in New Castle, Delaware.

Police say a man hit a deer, and the animal became lodged inside the grill of the car. Amazingly, it was still alive.

The motorist managed to drive his car, with the deer still stuck inside, to the New Castle City police headquarters. There, police officers and officials from the Delaware SPCA decided it should be tranquilized, removed, and released into the woods.

They managed to get the deer out, and it was still well enough to be freed without additional medical care. So, it was taken to the area of Quigly Farm to be released. Officers remained on the scene to make sure the deer was awake and able to run off.

The deer appeared to be fine, and began to make its way into the woods.

That's when, police say, a white SUV pulled up and they heard a gunshot and a "whizzing" noise over their patrol car.

Believing they had been shot at, the officers chased the SUV, which stopped an hour later on Frenchtown Road. They arrested the driver, Victor L. Bryson , 31, of New Castle.

Police searched the vehicle, finding two shotguns, 20 shotgun rounds, 3 spent rounds and night vision binoculars.

Besides endangerment and weapons violations, police say Bryson will also be charged with driving with a suspended license. Police say Bryson has denied shooting a gun.

Bryson was taken to prison in lieu of $34,000.00 secured bond pending a preliminary hearing.

The deer was not injured by the gunshot.

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