Police: Driver texting about drug deal hits biker

MEDFORD, N.J. - November 18, 2009

Police say 28-year-old Robert Scharrer of Browns Mills did not see bicyclist Lisa Granert as she pedaled along Route 70 in Medford Monday night because he was texting.

"He was texting another individual setting up a location to meet to do a transaction," Lt. Thomas Switick of the Medford Township Police said.

The text was about a drug deal.

Authorities say when Sharrer was driving and texting he drifted off the road just west of Route 541 and plowed in to the Cherry Hill woman, who suffered head injuries and broken bones.

Sharrer told police he was so occupied with sending his text never even saw Granert.

"He was in possession of almost 100 prescription legend drugs, pills, that he was going to meet an individual at a local bank and do a hand-to-hand transaction," Switick said.

Scharrer has been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute. Motorvehicle charges are pending the outcome of blood tests.

Locals say Granert would ride along Route 70 regularly on her way to and from a farm where she cares for horses.

"Everybody knows that everyday in the morning and the evening she rides her bike up this street," Chris Rensman of the Bike Tek Shop said.

Rensman runs the shop that is near the accident scene and says it's terrible one of his customers is paying the price because of a driver not paying attention.

"She's done everything to make sure she's a visible rider," Rensman said.

Rensman and police say Granert always wears a bright lime green reflective vest while riding along the roadway.

"It's a shame the driver himself did not take steps to become safe," Rensman said.

Cops say this case proves texting while driving is just too dangerous.

"Distracted while they're driving, this is a clear example of how that caused or almost can cause them to lose their life," Switick said.

Lisa Granert remains in stable conditio in Cooper Hospital.

The driver is out on bail, but remains in trouble.

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