Update: Suspect in photo with gun surrenders

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - December 3, 2009

Cook is the main suspect in an armed robbery investigation that took place on Wednesday, October 7 at approximately 10:10 p.m. and the apparent smoking gun in the case is a photo taken on a stolen phone of Cook holding a gun.

The victim of the robbery told police she was walking along the 1000 block of Nedro Avenue in North Philadelphia when she was approached by an unknown man.

The woman says she heard a click and felt a gun pressed to her neck. The gunman ordered her to drop everything, walk forward and not to look back. The complainant dropped her bag and the man fled.

The victim's cell phone was taken during the robbery. Through the investigation detectives obtained photos taken with the victim's cell phone. Among those pictures is a photo of the alleged gunman.

After the photo was released, the gunman was identified as Cook. An arrest warrant was issued.

The victim in the robbery was not injured.

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