NJ medical team helping in Haiti

January 19, 2010 3:00:09 PM PST
A medical team from Cooper University Hospital is about to start treating victims from the earthquake in Haiti.

18 doctors, nurses, and technicians left South Jersey over the past two days.

When they landed in the Dominican Republic, they had to head over land to a hospital in Jimani, on the border of Haiti.

Action News talked to the team leader, Dr. Anthony Mazarelli, by phone on Tuesday. He says travel has been difficult, but now they are gearing up for what lies ahead.

"We're hearing there's a lot of trauma and orthopedic acute injuries. A lot of amputations are being made because of the injuries," Dr. Mazarelli said. "We brought a lot of bandages, casting materials, splint materials. Plaster is difficult for the splint materials and the casting because of humidity, so we brought fiberglass."

The Cooper team will also be treating potentially deadly infections.

They may also go into Haiti in the next few days.