Recipes with $1 ingredients

March 22, 2010 10:15:32 AM PDT
"You can make a really delicious and beautiful meal for very little cost," says Elizabeth Fisher, author of the new cookbook "Dining with the Dollar Diva."

Elizabeth Fisher became a cookbook author almost by accident.

"Dining with the Dollar Diva" got its start when she'd stop in a local dollar store to pick up items for her elderly mother.

"I would literaly go in to dollar stores and I would see this ingredient over here and this over here and it would come together," Fisher says. "Like the ravioli cabonara, that's how that came to me."

Her ravioli recipe uses pork roll, cheese sauce, cream and shredded cheese, along with spices and dollar bags of pasta.

Once Elizabeth started experimenting, she came up with dozens of recipes in which all the ingredients cost a dollar or less.

"I would see the different ingredients and just see how they would meld or mesh together and that's how I came up with a lot of the recipes," she says.

She started a blog, which led to the cookbook. In the cookbook, she not only shares recipes, but the stories behind them.

"Some of them are recipes that have been around, everybody makes them, but I was just doing it where I wasn't paying an arm and a leg, just to have a really nice upscale dish," Fisher says.

The book is available at Borders and on Amazon.