Jasmere.com offers daily shopping deal

April 30, 2010 9:50:06 AM PDT
"Jasmere.com is a marketplace where you can go online where you can find wonderful products every day, always at 50-75% off," explains Jeremy Kugel, one of the site's founders.

A Claire V. purse was among the recent deals.

"On Claire V., they're selling it for $150, people who bought it on Jasmere.com paid $38," Kugel says.

Here's how Jasmere works. One item or website gift certificate, is offered for sale each day, with an original discount of at least 50%. The more people who commit to buying the item, the bigger that discount gets.

The site sells a wide variety of items -- from food like Fretzels chocolate-covered pretzels, to glass water bottles, to hand-made clothing, to picture items like a photo-mosaic poster. The poster ended up selling at an 80% discount.

A hand-woven alpaca stuffed lion, that had an original price of $40, soldon Jasmere for $16.

"There are wonderful gems everywhere on the internet," Kugel says. "We go out there and find them.We're not looking at companies that you've heard of. Part of what we do is that we bring you a daily discovery."

The Jasmere staff tests all the items before offering them on the site. The site accepts credit cards, but not PayPal.

And everyone who signs up as a Jasmere fan on Facebook has a chance to win the daily deal for free each weekday


To check out Jasmere, click here. And, take an extra 10% off your purchase with the code MAY10. This offer expires on May 4, 2010.