Mrs. Fixit: Build a boot rack

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May 16, 2010 6:40:55 AM PDT
Whether you're out shovelling snow, working in the garden or walking in the rain, boots can get wet.

When the do, the best way to dry them is upside down.

Using some scrap wood I can show you how to make a simple boot stand. All you need is a sturdy piece of wood that is more square than rectangular, some old broom or mop handles or any other thick dowel with a rounded end and a drill with a spade bit that is the same width as your dowels.

1. Cut your dowels long enough so that your boots will fit upside down over the dowel but not completely fit inside of the boot.

2. Use your spade bit to drill holes a few inches apart in the center of the board.

3. Clear away any wood shavings and then put a little wood glue on the dowel and tap it into place.

4. Once the glue dries you may want to paint the rack, or leave it as is for a rustic look. Just flip your boots upside down on the pegs and they'll dry out in no time.