Dog takes on bed bugs

April 30, 2010 4:12:21 AM PDT
Like most major metropolitan areas, there is a growing problem with bugs that have been around longer than human history.

Just because you haven't seen any doesn't mean they're not in your home or office. More likely, you'd see the little bite marks they leave on your skin.

Meet Heidi: She's a dog specially trained to sniff out bed bugs before a human exterminator could find them. Heidi was trained by a Florida expert using a technique developed at a university.

When the dog finds bugs, she gets a treat. Treating the pest problem isn't as simple as it once was. In these post-DDT days, insecticides generally work only on contact.

More likely, a quick heat treatment gets the bed bugs out of furniture, clothing and just about anything else.

Aardvark Pest Management outfitted a box truck for fast, safe response.

One more reason exterminators like the dogs, they're almost impossible to fool. "They only detect live bedbugs or viable eggs. They do not alert on dead insects or the cast skins of bedbugs or eggs that have been burst by heat, " said Martin Overline of Aardvark Pest Management.

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