Dave Matthews Band in Camden: The Last Stop?

July 1, 2010 3:18:04 PM PDT
"Hello, again..."

The Dave Matthews Band is in town for another night of best hits and old favorites at the Susquehanna Bank Center tonight.

If you've been following the band since the beginning - they've got you covered. If you're a brand new fan that's joining the massive following - well, they've got you covered, too. It's highly unlikely that you'd be disappointed.

Night one jump-started the 20-song set with "Squirm," which is featured on the band's latest album, "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King."

From there, Dave led the band in favorites like "Big Eyed Fish", "Shake Me Like a Monkey", and of course, "Ants Marching." It's probably no coincidence that "Seven" was the seventh song of the night. Later, "You and Me" had fans locking arms and swaying in the crowd.

If you have a favorite member, whether a founding member or a touring member, you're going to see him shine.

Carter, the smiling, bubble-blowing heartbeat of the band, got everyone out of their seats with a drum solo as the band played "Cornbread."

Stefan rocked out during the encore. He engaged the bass pedals as he started the band's signature cover of "All Along the Watchtower," the final song of the night.

Boyd Tinsley, Jeff Coffin, Tim Reynolds and the band's namesake all took turns showing off.

Trumpeter Rashawn Ross did his thing while sporting a black Phillies cap. Clearly, he knows this audience.

You can expect them all to bring it again for night two.

Is this the "Last Stop"?

This may be your last chance to see Dave Matthews Band at this venue? at least for a while. The band is taking a much-deserved year off once it wraps up the 2010 tour.

However, there's always a chance that Dave could change his mind? we'd be lucky to have him do so.