Del. women find unknown man in their beds

NEWARK, Del. - August 6, 2010

It was about 4:30 a.m. Friday in the 100 block of Wilbur Street when two sleeping female University of Delaware students had a rude awakening.

One of the women spoke with Action News on the condition we not identify her.

"We were awoken to a man asleep at the foot of the bed. His head on the bed, his body not on the bed, but someone who did not live there and someone we could not identify," the victim said exclusively to Action News.

The man ran off before police could get there, but the two roommates were left shaken.

"Very intimidating, scary, just not comforting," the victim said.

The same thing happened at 5:30 a.m. the day before in the unit block of North Chapel Street. This time, police say the victim was a woman in her 40's.

"They've woken up in bed to find a strange male lying next to him, they scream when they saw his person. This individual ran away when we responded shortly thereafter, this person was gone," Cpl. Paul Keld of the Newark Police said.

He's described as a white male, 20-35 years of age, average height, thin build and thick curly unkempt hair.

"Both victims told us the individual touched them, like leaned in against them, but not assaulted them," Keld said.

News of the guy doing this has sent chills over many young women in the area, many of whom are students at the University of Delaware.

"It's kind of scary knowing that there's someone doing that, especially cause my roommate is living by herself," student Kelly Kanton said.

Police say in both instances say the man entered the women's apartments either through an unlocked door or window.

"It's definitely really weird; I guess we have to lock our windows and doors, make sure our alarms are on," student Leah Weaver said.

If you see the suspect depicted in the sketch, you should call police.

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