Winter in review: what worked, what didn't

August 23, 2010 Last winter the city budgeted a minimal amount for snow removal, and got maximum snow, spending over $11-million! It came early and heavy.

"We were certainly challenged. We had an extraordinary amount of snow. Circumstances that were very, very difficult. We were able to communicate and coordinate our work and out resources very, very well," said streets commissioner Calrena Tolson.

Key members of all city agencies involved in snow removal met to get a pat on the back. But then it was down to work, assessing last winter's efforts and planning improvements like new parking regulations and strategy.

"What kind of streets get done when, what the priority is and how we set those priorities, and when people can expect their streets to be plowed," said Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor of Transportation.

The city gets an earful whenever it snows, especially from people who live on small side streets. But, last winter was different. Most seemed to realize it was an unprecedented avalanche of snow.

"I think it was just so much it was hard for them to keep up to, you know, up to it with the manpower that they have," said Angelo Coletti of South Philadelphia.

"I think they did fairly pretty well. Yeah, it was pretty good, digging out both storms and all that stuff. It was pretty good," said Joe Krauss of South Philadelphia.

That's just what city employees like to hear. They're hoping for no snow this winter, but vow to be ready.

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