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August 25, 2010


Math Magic


123 World Geography HD Coloring Book

Any of you students who have to work on projects with other classmates should definitely check out Dropbox. This is free and it gives you plenty of space to store and share documents, images, lecture recordings and just about anything else. It also allows synchronizes files you may have on different computers or smartphones and creates a website where you can access them when you're away from your laptop.

Evernote is your virtual notebook. Use it to record voice notes during class, scribble any important details just like you would on a notebook or clip different websites that may come in handy when you're studying.

Whether it's in traditional paper form or it's on your Kindle or Android, high school and college students do a lot of reading. Before you dish out cash at the bookstore, check out Stanza. It offers 50,000 books free for download.

Of course, if students are taking advantage of technology, teachers should too, right? Schoolrack is a free application for teachers to create classroom websites. Through portals, teachers can interact with students and parents, post, collect and grade assignments and send private messages to students.

What better way to connect students to something that happened 150 years ago than to let them explore actual documents and original sources from that time? Footnote is a collection of more than 58-million historical documents that history teachers can use to make history seem more real.

We wanted to mention one more website for teachers (and kids, probably a good idea you know this one is out there). It's called DocCop. It helps teachers determine if papers are plagiarized.

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