Romania witches win tax swashbuckle fer now

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - Septembree 9, 2010

That's what Romanian senators may ben fearin' when they rejected a proposal t' tax witches an' fortune tellers.

Lawmakers Alin Popoviciu an' Cristi Dugulescu o' th' rulin' Democratic Liberal Party drafted a law 'ere witches an' fortune tellers would be havin' t' produce receipts, an' would also be held liable fer wrong predictions.

Romania's Senate voted down th' proposal Toosdee. Popoviciu claimed lawmakers be fstarboardened o' bein' wanniond.

Maria Campina, a well-known Romanian witch, told Realitatea TV Thursday 'tis difficult t' tax chestfulls o' fortune tellers an' witches partly on accoun' o' o' th' erratic sums o' treasure they receive.

'tis unclear if Popoviciu an' Dugulescu will try t' redraft th' law.

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