Organ makes triumphant return to Phoenixville church

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. - September 12, 2010

Now the pride of First Presbyterian Church is all tuned up and ready to go.

Organist Mary Nicols has been practicing for the debut of the elaborate pipe organ for the last several weeks.

She couldn't wait to show it off at today's service.

Backed up by the symbolic bells and the choir, the Phoenixville congregation was able to experience firsthand the difference of such a lofty investment.

The pipe organ cost the church $325,000 and took them five years to save up for it.

"So few churches these days can celebrate a new organ and we're really feeling privileged and blessed," Reverend Dave McCabe said.

Reverend McCabe says this investment, along with the million-dollar renovation of the church, will only enhance and inspire worship in the Chester County borough.

"The congregation like many has struggled over the years with declining jobs and we feel a turnaround is occurring in our lives spiritually as well as economically," McCabe said.

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