We caught up with him at Brittinghams in Lafayette Hill.

Please enjoy his biography

I am a Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter. I live with my girlfriend Emily Shick, who also sings in the band. The rest of the group includes Nathan Gonzalez, Philip D'Agostino and Rick Wise, all very dear friends of mine.

We will be releasing our first full length album this summer, "Deathcard," recorded in Spring City at Hear the Ocean Studios by the always-patient Ken Keleman. The album is heavily inspired by loss, renewal and change. The music is folk-like; you'll hear some things that remind you of Jeff Buckley, British bands, Ryan Adams, Wilco, etc. The album was put together in a very backwards way. I think things will improve from here on out.

This page (myspace) contains three songs from "Deathcard."

Cover Us is a delicate tune about the way someone can retreat after rejection. Joshua Britton provided the classical guitar on which the song was written.

Young Man is one of the more up-tempo songs, inspired by a dream where Bukowski is offering me advice and mocking me at the same time. You could say it's a crowd favorite.

Philly Special could be referred to as a romp, I think. Go out some night and have too much to drink. The song will make perfect sense.

Look for the band this summer in bars, at Farmer's Markets, and at weddings. We'll be singing to and for you; you who are tired from the long day at work, you who struggle with love and ache from loss, you who just can't get a break.

We're certain things will get better.

You are now Tuned In to David Janes!

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