Parenting Perspective: Positive self talk

October 5, 2010

Experts define "positive self-talk" as just that: saying something complimentary about one's self to one's self.

It can be a very powerful tool for children to have, because studies have shown that the more kids repeat good things about themselves to themselves, the more likely they will be to not only to believe them, but incorporate the positive feelings that go along with them.

For example, when Nicholas recently got a 100-percent on a test, I told him, "Wow, you're really good at spelling. Tell yourself that, because it's true." And it brought a smile to his face when he said "Yeah. I AM a good speller!"

Coincidentally or not, he's been reading more and developing a real curiosity for words.

Positive self-talk can also be more general. For example: "I am a nice person, or a good friend." It could go a long way to how our children treat each other. But as one child psychologist told me recently, the best way for parents to teach their children to use positive self-talk, is to use it themselves.

One thing I've learned is that children are not the only ones to benefit from it - parents can too. And some days we probably need it more.

Good luck. You can do it because you're a great parent. And no one knows that better than you do.

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