Police: Teen knocked over port-o-potty with boy inside

NEWARK, Del. - October 11, 2010

Police responded to the 100 block of Scottfiend Drive at approximately 7:45 p.m. Sunday for a report of an assault on 7-year-old Zach Montero.

Upon their arrival, officers met with the victim's father who informed them that his son and two other children were riding their bikes in Hann Park when they were approached by the teen.

The teen allegedly threatened the 7-year-old, saying he would damage Zach's bike if he didn't go into the portable toilet.

"He said he'll pop my tires and break my pedals and bend my handlebars" said Zach.

So, Zach says, he went in.

The teen then allegedly pushed the port-o-john over onto its door, and even walked away despite the victim's cries for help as human waste poured all over him.

"My leg was stuck in it and then my two friends lifted it up for me," Zach said. "He just started laughing and just walked away."

"He's just a boy in the neighborhood that's constantly bullying other kids. Kids are afraid to say anything to anybody about it because of his older brother," said Zach's father, Dave.

The older brother of the accused denies his brother is a bully. He placed the blame on Zach's friends.

"He did not force them in there. They were already in there," said Mareb Almadhrai. "He said he was in there, rocking it with them."

Zach's 13-year-old brother, Troy, said the suspect is a chronic neighborhood bully who has assaulted him and the others before.

"He would hit you in the private area then walk away and laugh about it," said Troy.

The teen was arrested at his home and charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault and harassment. He was arraigned and released to his parents on $4,000 unsecured bail.

The teen was ordered to have no contact with the victim.

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